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With a BS in Consumer Economics, Personal Financial Management from Mizzou, CEO Tammy Harrison has been working online and building her online businesses since she was pregnant with her first child in 1995.  Since then, she has done everything from selling online advertising, web hosting, designing websites, setting up shopping carts and blogs, consulting on SEO for websites, blogging, running small and large business online advertising campaigns - and everything in-between!  Tammy's children call her a "Quilt Designing Computer Geek" - and that's quite fitting! 

“The work Tammy has done on Cotton Spice has made a huge difference in our traffic and the professional ‘look’ of our website. If I didn’t have her working with us, we’d still be trudging along but nowhere near where we are now. She is always happy to help me with my current dilemma and goes the extra mile in making Cotton Spice the best it can be. We love our Tammy!”

~ Karen Gass

Tammy has been quilting for over 30 years, and has been a professional quilt designer for over five years; working on the computer by day and quilting by the light of the moon at night. Somewhere in there, she also is a wife to a passionate Texican and a mom to four children (and one forever-loving yellow lab).

"I found Tammy 3 years quite by accident, when I was looking for someone who could make special quilt pattern for me. When I saw her first pattern, I couldn't believe how professional they looked! When I needed some help with a new website, she offered to take on the job and I have been so delighted to since then that I highly recommend her for any of your web site needs! She not only understands the business aspect of a quilt shop but also all the little details that help it run better. She can take on any project: web designs, quilt patterns, new ideas for increasing sales...to business cards!  And they all have the same high quality professional look! Thank you Tammy and I trust you with my web site!"

~ Linda/Abbi Mays Fabric Shop

JD Harrison is the VP in charge of Quality Control at Quiltalicious, with a BS and MS from Texas A & I University (now part of the TAMU system) and a PhD from Mizzou; and more certifications than we can remember (including a Briggs & Stratton certification, in case you need your lawn mower engine repaired).  JD spends his time running roughshod on the youngin's, homeschooling the son-man, and running our three girls to all of their social functions.  He is very involved in our church as well as keeping the household running as smooth as possible, inside and out.

We have a number of websites for you to check out - with more added when we can get to it (you should see our to-do list!):

Note:  To contact us, feel free to email us at TKHQuilts@gmail.com


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